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Our Story

Bulgogi House was founded in 1992 by Young Park, who combined fresh local ingredients and his business expertise to create a quality Korean barbecue experience in Los Angeles. However, the true foundations for his restaurants are their quality meats and his grandmother’s secret sauce, which customers often ask for by the bottle. Park’s grandmother created the recipe while living in Suwon, a South Korean city known for its barbecue. The process involves steeping the meat in his grandmother’s marinade for at least 24 hours, which makes the beef tender and flavorful. Young Park has now brought this unique, time-tested recipe to California through the Bulgogi House restaurant chain.

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Our Meat

From the brisket to the ribs and every cut in between, Bulgogi House is proud to bring the best meat to your table for a reasonable price. With our dinner option, you can feast like a king and choose from all of the delicious barbecued meats on our menu. Bulgogi House is proud to serve you endless marbled cuts to ensure that you leave with a full stomach and a smile on your face.

We are proud to partner with the 1855 Beef Company, which raises, harvests, and selects its products under the most stringent standards and quality. We are also proud to offer Duroc pork and all natural beef that are antibiotics and hormone free. All of our beef are USDA Certified Angus Beef, Prime, or Upper Two-Thirds Chose – hand-selected for ideal marbling and naturally rich flavor. With our commitment to uncompromising quality in our meats while providing a great value, we are confident that you will love everything about the Bulgogi House dining experience.

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Our Sauce

The Secret is in the Sauce.

Passed down through the generations, the Park family’s timeless sauce is the foundation for our delicious Korean BBQ. From fresh ingredients to precise mixing processes, each sauce is handcrafted to ensure quality taste when it reaches your table.

Here at Bulgogi House, we offer our customers four different sauces to satisfy even the most selective palates. Each recipe was specially created and perfected by Park’s grandmother at her restaurant in Suwon, South Korea—a region comparable to Memphis or Texas when it comes to barbecue taste and expertise. She knew meat quality alone couldn’t set her restaurant apart in a competitive market. So, she set off to work on four trademark sauces that are now often imitated but never duplicated.

Barbecue Sauce: A customer favorite and the Bulgogi House flagship, our barbecue sauce accentuates ingredients like fresh pineapples that aren’t conventionally used in Korean cuisine, making it exclusive to only our restaurants. Our signature sauce is ideal for both marinating and dipping, making it the most versatile option of the four sauces.

Hot Sauce: For customers who like spicy food, our hot sauce has the perfect amount of heat without compromising taste.

Sesame Sauce with Salt and Pepper: For mild & savory flavors that accentuate the quality of our non-marinated meats, this sesame sauce is the perfect choice for any barbecue fan.

Bean Paste: Our fermented bean paste is an enhanced version of a South Korean culinary staple. Park’s grandmother refined the process of delicately aging beans to make this salty, sweet, tart, nutty, and slightly spicy medley that will excite your palate like never before. We recommend using this sauce in lettuce “ssam” wraps with a slice of brisket or pork belly.

Try any of our four sauces, and we guarantee at least one will keep you coming back for more.